YouTuber gets busted for speeding in Audi R8 after posting video

We’ve seen quite a few videos from UK-based YouTuber Joe Achilles in the past. He’s reviewed a number of Audis over the past couple of years and his videos are usually pretty good. However, he may have made a bit of a mistake posting a video recently. In a recent post, Achilles was driving an Audi R8 at a decent clip. Turns out, Derbyshire police learned that he was speeding and was able to bust him from just the video.


In the video, the GoPro Achilles was using was mounted to the side of the car. So the speedometer wasn’t visible in the video, which probably led Achilles to believe no one could notice his speed. However, Derbyshire police did some maths, after seeing just how far he traveled and how quickly he did it. Distance over time equals speed.


Using Google Earth data to get the distance/time info; timing how fast he passed road markings; the police were able to figure out that he was traveling at 93 mph in the Audi R8 at his fastest point. At the slowest point, he was doing 58 mph. The speed limit on the road is 50 mph. So he was never doing the speed limit and was doing almost double it at some point.



We’re all guilty of speeding the past but doing it on camera isn’t very bright. We also understand the temptation to drive quickly in the Audi R8, with its 610 hp naturally-aspirated V10 engine. Plus, that noise. Still, it’s not smart to drive at double the speed limit.


Admittedly, with the camera not mounted on the speedo, it’s not as if Achilles was advertising his speed. However, 93 mph in 50 mph-zone is pretty reckless and putting that on camera apparently isn’t very wise.


After going to court, Achilles was fined the equivalent of $800 and received six points on his license. That’s a pretty hefty penalty and we’re sure Achilles is normally a careful driver. But that didn’t stop the police from issuing some stern words.


“This type of driving is careless, reckless and selfish,” said Derbyshire Sergeant Adam Shipley. “On this occasion, thankfully nobody died, but all too often the outcome is very different. For a man who drives for a profession, I am appalled that he seemingly has so little value for the lives of other road users. The roads of the U.K. are not race tracks and should not be used as such. Strapping a GoPro to the side of a car and driving in this manner—all in a bid to get viewers on social media—is quite frankly pathetic.”

[Source: The Drive]
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