Would you buy this 1986 Audi Coupe GT?

The ’80s weren’t a very good time for Audi. The four-ringed brand went through its unintended acceleration scandal, with the Audi 5000, and overall just made poor automobiles. Most of them were simply rebadged Volkswagens and they didn’t perform or hold up very well. But still, they had their charm and some of them were actually pretty good. After all, the almighty Audi Quattro did come out in the ’80s.

This 1986 Audi Coupe GT is trying to tell you that it’s from the good part of Audi’s ’80s, the Audi Quattro part and not the Audi 5000 part. On the outside, from a far, it doesn’t look to bad. The body is in good shape and there doesn’t seem to be much rust. However, the body was also plastidipped by the current owner, a hateful thing to do to a car. So the future buyer must remove the cheap plastidip before painting the car with, ya know, actual paint. However, the seller does claim that the body is primed for paint underneath.

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Audi coupe gt1

On the inside, things are much better. The interior actually seems to be in good shape, with little wear and tear for a car of its age and for having an owner who would plastidip it. The seats are in nice shape, with only minor signs of tearing on the driver’s seat, which is typical of a car of this one’s age. But the leather has held up relatively well and there doesn’t seem to be many issues on the inside. The hilariously ’80s digital dash looks good and is said to work perfectly, save for the dead bulb behind the speedo. But that’s an easy fix.

audi coupe gt 3

Mechanically, this Audi Coupe GT seems to have decent brakes and Bilstein Sport shocks, which are very good. Having owned a car with those very shocks, I know that they can be a tad stiff but will last forever, so this is a good sign. The engine bay also looks clean from the limited pictures we have of it. The only troubling aspect of the engine lies within its design and not its condition. What the hell were the Audi engineers thinking of when they decided to put the engine that far forward and almost entirely in front of the front axle? And,the entire engine is on the passenger side of the vehicle. That’s quite possibly the worst engine placement we’ve ever seen in a car. Combine that terrible engine packaging with front-wheel drive and this must be the most understeery car ever made. And being that the engine is almost completely on one side of the car, it will probably understeer more when turning one way than the other.

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audi coupe gt3

Aside from its ridiculous engine packaging and shameful plastidipped body, this car actually doesn’t seem that bad. It’s not worth its $5,700 asking price, at least to us, but it’s not a terrible car. Knock a couple of g’s off this car and it seems like it could be a decent buy. What do you think?

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