Would you buy a salvaged Audi R8 and try to repair it?

I won’t lie, I’ve always had a fantasty of buying a salvaged or lightly crash supercar, then fixing it and driving it for a fraction of its original cost. Not only would that give me a supercar for far cheaper than new but it would be my little project, my baby. Something I brought back to life. Which is why I was immediately drawn to these videos from YouTuber Samcrac, who recently bought a salvaged Audi R8 and plans on rebuilding it.

The Audi R8 he bought is a 2010 V8 model with a gated six-speed manual. So the right Audi R8. It also only has 42,000 miles and he bought it for far less than the $80,000 suggested retail value for such a car. That’s because it’s a salvage title car due to “undercarriage damage”. So he bought it with the plans to fix that damage, hoping that it wasn’t too extensive.

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Upon delivery, the only thing that seemed wrong with it was its dead battery. But after a jump, it started right up and drove, revved and shifted fine. There did seem to be some looseness in the front driver side of the suspension. Samcrac thought it might have been a bad Magnaride shock.

However, after taking out the entire frunk (front trunk) and replacing the battery, he noticed that one of the structural braces in the front end was cracked all the way through. Considering that front end frame crack was a real problem with all 2010 and earlier R8s, he decided to dig deeper and take the windshield wiper assembly off. Removing that revealed more frame crack as he had expected.

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Aside from that, though, the R8 seems to be in good shape. Everything seems to work fine and all of its electronics seem to be in order. So after some frame welding, which is admittedly no easy or cheap fix, his Audi R8 should be in perfect shape again. Depending on how much he paid for the R8 and pays for the welding, this could be the steal of the century. I’m jealous.

Nico DeMattia

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