Would the Audi Q2 look good as a sportback?

The Audi Q2 just recently debuted and will slot beneath the Audi Q3 as the brand’s smallest SUV. The Q2 is already quite a sporty looking car, being the most aggressive-looking of Audi’s SUVs. However, would it look even better if it looked even more aggressive?

Here is a rendering from X-Tomi that shows off what the Audi Q2 would look like if it were a sportback. Now, there’s been no word that there will be an Audi Q2 Sportback variant and it’s highly unlikely. However, it is cool to speculate and take a look at the Q2 with an even sportier design. I have to say, it looks pretty good. Does it look better than the standard Q2? No, not really, but it is kinda cool.

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Audi Q2

While such a car is highly unlikely to ever exist, there actually could be a need for it. With Audi’s fellow German rivals, BMW and Mercedes, are filling niche segments left and right and it’s likely that a car to compete with the Q2 Sportback exists quite soon. BMW is working on a new X2 that will slow between the X1 and X3 and will be a bit sportier than both, being the perfect competitor for a Q2 Sportback.

Although, more small niche SUVs is probably the last thing the segment needs. The standard Audi Q2 is more than enough and will do just fine. But if you fancy the idea of a Q2 Sportback, check out this rendering and start daydreaming.

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