WORLD PREMIERE: Young and Provocative – Audi Q2

Well, the wait is finally over. The new Audi Q2, the brand’s latest entry into the compact SUV segment, has been revealed. We’ve been getting teased for weeks now, but Audi’s finally taken the wraps off of the new Q2 and it looks surprisingly good, actually.

Audi’s design language has gotten a bit stale over the past few years, but the new Audi Q2 is here to shake things up a bit and it does that well. From first glance, the Q2 seems far more muscular than any other of the brand’s SUVs, especially the Audi Q3. This new Q2 looks to be brimming with confidence and enthusiasm unseen by most modern Audi SUVs. The angular headlights are aggressive and the new 3D single-frame grille is broad and wide, giving the Q2 a very muscular looking front end. The front air inlets are also quite massive. We also appreciate that the side mirrors have been moved down to the door, instead of on the A-pillar, like the Audi A4 and Q7. This give the car noticeably less wind noise and makes the cabin much quieter.

Audi Q2

Move down the side of the car and you’ll notice body lines that follow the aggressive haunches of the car. The rear end seems very muscular, too and looks as if it’s ready to pounce. The rear taillights are very different from anything else with four rings on it and look very good, very fresh. It’s nice to see something different on an Audi product for a change. We really like the contrast C-pillar, which looks really sharp and accentuates the rear of the car. In profile, the Q2 looks very sporty and aggressive and the car overall looks much more youthful than anything else in the Audi lineup. We thought the Q2 might look like a shrunken Q3, due to Audi’s cookie-cutter design as of late, but this new Q2 looks sharp and different and fresh and we love it.


Inside the Audi Q2, things continue to remain fresh. While the overall style of the cabin seems to be taken from the Audi A3, it’s just a bit more modern and youthful inside the Q2. You sit low in the Q2, as if you were in a sport car, but the view out is expansive, like an SUV’s. So you seem to get the best of both worlds. The center console is canted slightly toward the driver, a welcome touch reminiscent of German cars from the ’80s and ’90s, and the optional body-color trim is a cool, refreshing touch. The Audi Q2 also comes standard with the MMI screen that rises from the dashboard. MMI Navigation Plus is an option and brings a larger screen into the gauge cluster as well as a touchpad option by the MMI rotary controller. Audi’s fantastic Virtual Cockpit is also available. The Audi Q2 will come available with a WiFi hotspot, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability as well as a head-up display.

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Under the hood, there will be six different engines to choose from. Along with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder TFSI, two four-cylinder gasoline engines are being offered with 1.4 and 2.0 liters of displacement. In addition, three four-cylinder diesel engines are available with 1.6 and 2.0 liters of displacement. Their power output ranges from 85 kW (116 hp) to 140 kW (190 hp). As an alternative to the six-speed manual transmission, Audi also offers the S tronic dual clutch transmission with seven speeds for all engines. In the case of the top TDI and the 2.0 TFSI, a newly developed dual-clutch transmission is used, which has a new type of oil supply and reduced friction. Both engines may also be combined with a Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system as standard equipment.

Audi Q2

Installed at the rear on the front-wheel drive versions is a semi-independent suspension, while the Quattro models have a four-link suspension. Unfortunately, due to space, the new Audi Q2 doesn’t get the brilliant five-link suspension setup that the new A4 does. This is likely due to the Q2 being based on the MQB platform instead of the A4’s MLB platform. Progressive steering is standard in all versions. It varies the steering gear ratio as a function of the steering input; the ratio is made more direct with large steering movements. Adaptive dampers are available as an option, as is the Audi drive select system with which drivers can set an individual characteristic for their Q2.

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The Audi Q2 launches in the European market in Autumn of this year and orders begin midway through the year. No official word on a US launch, but it’s likely to happen sometime in 2017, as we’re typically late to get Audi’s newest vehicles. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect it to be priced just slightly lower than the Audi Q3.

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