WORLD PREMIERE: 2020 Audi Q7 Facelift — A Face That Didn’t Need Much Lifting

For the past year, we’ve been discussing how the Audi Q7 still looked handsome and fresh, despite being one of the oldest cars in the segment. We test drove one for a week about a year ago and came away with very positive impressions. It’s also been popping up on the internet quite a bit, lately, with journalists and enthusiasts claiming it to still be among the best in its class. However, that doesn’t mean Audi should grow complacent. And it didn’t. In fact, it worked harder and came up with an updated version.

This new 2020 Audi Q7 receives an impressively comprehensive facelift. Apparently, Audi didn’t take the term lightly. The entire front end of the Q7 is different from the outgoing car. Its Singleframe grille is all-new and massive, with new vertical slat inserts to go along with the horizontal ones. While we’re not quite sure if the grille works, it’s certainly better looking than the one on the Audi Q8.

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Its headlights are all new as well. They have a similar shape to the Audi A6’s but they’re a bit more dramatic. Pointy little fangs protrude off of the headlights where they meet the grille and they look angrier than the ones on the pre-facelift car. It also gets new lower front air intakes in S-Line trim that looks sporty and aggressive. Let’s hope they’re actually real.

In profile, the newly-facelifted Audi Q7 looks similar to the old car, which might be a bit disappointing for some. But others, like myself, find that the pre-facelift Audi Q7 already looked great, especially its silhouette. So this doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, I admire it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

New side skirts and door blades follow the new front end lines toward the back of the car, which has also been comprehensively redone. New taillights more reminiscent of the Audi A6 are now present and a chrome bit of trim separates the taillights from the rest of the back end. Unfortunately, it still has fake exhausts, which is inexcusable.

Inside the new Audi Q7, passengers will be greeted with a similar setup to that in the new Audi Q8. So the Q7’s positively ancient MMI infotainment system has been replaced by a Touch Response MMI setup. So rather than having a chintzy screen rise from the dash, it’s a touchscreen mounted in the dash. Below that main touchscreen is yet another, though the second one controls only the climate and some extra functions. The top screen is the main infotainment screen. The rest of it, though, is pretty standard Audi interior. So it seems made well and durable while also being every bit as luxurious as customers could want.

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Powering the new Audi Q7 facelift will be a choice of either two diesel engines at launch. Come September, a gasoline variant will come aboard. No matter, though, as all engine options get 48-volt electrical sub-systems as-standard. That 48-volt electric system isn’t going to give the Audi Q7 some mind boggling range. However, it doesn’t make it a bit more interesting and it shows just how far hybrids have come.

The all-new Audi Q7 facelift does make an already good car different looking. But does it make the Q7 look any better? We’re not so sure. There are definitely things I like about the new car more than on the older one. For instance, its new taillights and interior are excellent. However, I’m not entirely convinced about its front end. The pre-facelift Audi Q7 was already such a handsome car that it didn’t need much work done to it. Yet, Audi did it anyway. At least it sounds promising.

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