WORLD PREMIERE: 2018 Audi A6 Avant — Forbidden Fruit

In America, we don’t really get any of Europe’s excellent premium wagons. Only one BMW Touring model, very few Mercedes-Benz Estate models and no Audi Avants. Which is a shame, because these are all such excellent all-around cars. And the latest addition to Audi’s long-roof lineup is this — the Audi A6 Avant. And it looks fantastic.

The only real news here is the Avant body style, as we’ve already seen the new Audi A6, both in photos and in person. So we know it’s got good bones. The new Audi A6 is lighter, sharper, more high-tech and, most importantly, more dynamic than the car it replaces. It also looks quite good, thanks to its slightly boxed out rear fenders and aggressive lower front air intakes. However, this new Audi A6 Avant looks even better.

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Thanks to its wagon body style, those flared rear wheel arches are even more prominent, as the crease of the rear shoulder line is even longer now. This new A6 Avant, especially in Sepang Blue, looks absolutely ace and could be the best looking wagon on sale. But it’s not just looks that makes the A6 Avant great, it’s also far more practical than its sedan counterpart, which is why we love wagons. People with real lives, families and dogs need a lot of space but the enthusiasts among them don’t want to give up their smaller car’s driving dynamics. So wagons allow them to have their cake and eat it, too.

And this new Audi A6 Avant can certainly swallow a lot of luggage. The back of the A6 Avant is 1,050 millimeters (3.5 ft) wide and has a capacity 565 liters (20.0 cu ft) with the rear seats upright. With the rear seats folded down, that total cargo space becomes 1,680 liters (59.3 cu ft), which is quite a lot. Although, it’s not as capacious as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon, which has just a few cubic feet of space more in both configurations. Still, it’s more than enough to store tons of luggage and the family dog on long trips. Plus, the A6 Avant looks better.

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Under the hood, the new A6 Avant has exactly the same engines that you’ll find in the standard sedan and all of which are still MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle), with 48-volt electrical sub-systems and battery alternator starters.

Inside, the new Audi A6 Avant is as beautiful as ever, with largely the same interior style as the standard A6 sedan and the Audi A7. Only with more cargo space. So you can have a seriously luxurious limousine that also doubles as a family hauler. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, we likely won’t be getting the A6 Avant here in the ‘States. So as great as it is, it will remain forbidden fruit to us Yanks.

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