Women now make up about a third of Audi’s sales in China

About 33% of Audi’s sales in China come from women buyers as the luxury marque has managed to boost its appeal among the young and successful women.

Speaking at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Audi’s China boss Joachim Wedler said women are becoming more and more important on the local market as a buying group compared to other regions. He went on to specify there are lots of young and successful women in the market for a premium car and the company has seen a considerably increase in women buyers.

According to Sandra Goeres, vice president of marketing at FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co, Chinese women prefer buying models such as the A3, TT, Q3 and Q5. To boost sales further, Audi China aims to offer more features that cater to women, specifically automated self-parking along with a more varied body color palette.

Audi China is also working with local magazines such as Marie Claire and Elle to attract more women buyers and in the past have promoted the cars through art events. This makes sense taking into account around half of the customers of entry-level premium brands are women, according to Yale Zhang, Shanghai-based managing director at researcher Autoforesight Shanghai Co.

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That being said, according to Zacks review, total Audi sales in China have dropped by 0.6% through October due to a slowdown in the economy and also because of a drop in the stock market.

Adrian Padeanu

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