Will We Ever See The Audi Quattro?

Concept cars are what inspire enthusiasts and get the excited for the future of a certain car brand. Concept cars are almost like a window into the future of certain vehicles are even the future of the design of the brand as a whole. The Audi Prologue Concept is proof of the latter, as it was a design concept to show the direction Audi would be taking, from a design standpoint, for the foreseeable future. But certain concept cars are preludes to specific vehicles, which sometimes actually end up being production cars and sometimes they end up in the scrap bin.


Unfortunately, it seems as if the brilliant looking Audi Quattro Concept, the homage to the epic original Audi Quattro that won Audi numerous rally championships, will not come to fruition. We’ve been teased with such a concept by Audi for a couple of years now and it just doesn’t seem like it will ever make it to the production line. It’s a shame, because the Quattro Concept is absolutely spectacular looking and it would give Audi an extra bit of pedigree. A new Audi Quattro would be a hit amongst enthusiast, who’d love its history and all-wheel drive hardcore performance.

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Audi quattro A1 Group B rally car
Audi quattro A1 Group B rally car

The only real issue with such a car is that it would only appeal to enthusiasts. People with petrol pumping through their veins are the only people who’d want one. The average Audi customer wouldn’t see the appeal to an all-wheel drive, two-door hatchback with extreme performance, poor fuel economy and a high price tag. So it would be a tough sell for Audi, making it less likely to make any profit on it.

However, if Audi were to make it in limited quantities, it could probably sell them out. The Audi Quattro Concept could become Audi’s version of the BMW 1 Series M, a car that BMW sold in very limited numbers, but hyped it up and sold them out quickly. The Audi Quattro has a much larger and far more storied nameplate, so if sold in limited numbers, it would sell out.

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Despite this fact, however, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see such a car. Audi keeps teasing us, but it’s not likely to get further than that. Hopefully, Audi proves me wrong but until then, the Quattro remains the Audi equivalent of Bigfoot.

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