Will the Audi e-tron GT get a Shooting Brake Variant like the Taycan Cross Turismo?

One of the more intriguing cars on the horizon is the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the shooting brake variant of the standard Taycan sedan. We’ve known the Cross Turismo was in the works for some time, as it was one revealed back when the Taycan was still a concept called the Mission E (above photo). However, because the Audi e-tron GT shares the same chassis and powertrain as the Taycan, we’re wondering if it will also get a shooting brake version.


The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo isn’t a typical shooting brake in the traditional sense but that’s what it’s most like, as it’s a five-door car but its more of a hatchback than a wagon, with its short rear overhand and small-ish trunk. It actually looks quite good and makes us yearn for an Audi version.

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It actually makes sense for there to be an Audi e-tron GT shooting brake, more so even than the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Making fast wagons is more Audi’s business than Porsche’s. The former has been building brilliant performance wagons since the early ’90s, with the RS2 Avant, which was ironically developed with Porsche’s help. So Audi continuing that trend with the e-tron GT would not only be awesome, it would make a lot of sense.


Audi has always been a great maker of performance wagons, it’s just in the brand’s DNA. Cars like the RS4 Avant and RS6 Avant have defined their respective segments and have become the yard stick by which all performance wagons are measured. So it would only be fitting for an Audi e-tron GT shooting brake to exist.

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Audi RS e-tron GT
Audi RS e-tron GT


Being that the aforementioned Audi RS2 Avant was co-developed by Porsche, and so-too is the e-tron GT, it would make such a car a spiritual successor to the RS2, bringing things full circle. When the Audi RS2 debuted, it defined the idea of a proper performance wagon, something that could be used as both a family car and a performance car. So if Porsche and Audi can do the same thing again, but this time for electric vehicles, it would be incredibly poetic.


While we’ve heard no word of such a thing, and this is pure speculation, the fact that Porsche is building the Taycan Cross Turismo just shows that it’s possible for Audi to do the same. Let’s hope the engineers in Ingolstadt see this and feel the same.

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