Will an entry-level Audi R8 V6 be any good??

We’ve recently learned that the Audi R8 will gain an entry-level model, sporting a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter V6, that could help the R8 compete with the ever-so-popular Porsche 911 Carrera S. There are many fans that are actually quite excited about this idea, as it would give more people a chance at getting the R8, being that it could bring the price down to a (reasonably) affordable level for many buyers. Plus, the 911 Carrera S dominates the sales charts while the R8 remains a very low-volume seller. This entry-level model could sway some Porsche 911 buyers with its exciting looks and Quattro all-wheel drive.


But will a V6-powered Audi R8 really be any good?

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We think so, actually. While the best part of the current Audi R8 is its incredible V10 engine, gaining a smaller engine won’t turn a great car bad. Obviously, a naturally-aspirated V10 is farmer desirable than a twin-turbocharged V6, but that doesn’t been the blown-six would be bad. Quite the contrary, actually. The twin-turbos will provide the low-down thrust that the free-breathing V10 lacks. While the 5.2 liter Lamborghini-derived V10 is a screamer and loves to rev, the twin-turbo V6 will have great punch low down in the rev range and should make the R8 V6 properly quick.

Admittedly, a twin-turbo V6 isn’t the sexiest of engine, as it isn’t something that feels very supercar-ish. However, the new Ford GT has a twin-turbo V6, the new Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Nissan GT-R, the latter of which is nicknamed Gozilla. If it’s good enough for Godzilla, it’s good enough for the Audi R8.

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Audi R8 V10 Plus Mythos Black

Plus, the twin-turbo V6 that the Audi R8 will use should have similar power levels to the 4.2 liter V8 Audi R8 from the first-generation and that car was outstanding to drive. So it’s quite likey that this upcoming entry-level Audi R8 could be a real winner and give customers a (slightly) more accessible R8. As it stands now, the Audi R8 Plus starts at $162,900, which is quite a high starting price and that’s not even the R8 V10 Plus. So if the Audi R8 V6 could start at, say, $120,000, it can get close to Carrera S territory and in that segment the Audi R8 could be the best sports car for the money.

So will the entry-level twin-turbocharged Audi R8 V6 be any good? We think so.

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