Which old Audi would you swap this EV Crate Motor into?

Motor swapping Audis isn’t an uncommon thing. In fact, it’s quite common, especially in older models with unreliable engines. However, when it’s done it’s typically done by using a newer, more powerful Audi engine. Sometimes a Volkswagen engine. We rarely see an older Audi with an electric powertrain dropped in. That could soon change, though, as a company called Swindon Powertrains is now offering an attractive EV crate motor specifically for personal builds.


One of the reasons why you rarely see EV motor swaps is the complicated nature of it. You first have to pull an EV powertrain out of another car, like a crashed Tesla or Chevy Bolt, and then configure it to fit into a different car. However, this new crate motor from Swindon Powertrains is a clean-sheet design, specifically made to be used on projects. Now my mind is trying to figure out an excuse for an old Audi EV motor swap.

This new EV crate motor is a full electric powertrain. It comes with all of the requisite bits needed to power a car; a single-speed transmission, power inverter and even a cooling system. All it needs is a battery, which admittedly will likely need to be pulled from a crashed electric car. But that’s a lot easier than getting the entire powertrain.


It’s quite an impressive bit of kit, to be honest. It only weighs 154 pounds and makes 110 hp, while being quite compact. The entire dimensions of the electric powertrain are as follows: 23.6-inches wide, 17.3-inches deep and 11.02-inches tall. That’s pretty small and light. It might only make 110 hp but that’s not too sha

While Swindon Powertrains hasn’t specifically stated so, it’s likely possible to use two of these, one at each axle, to create full-time all-wheel drive. That might take quite a bit of software to make work properly but it’d be interesting to see in Swindon comes out with some sort of software to use for such projects in the future. Because you can’t EV swap an Audi and not have all-wheel drive. Otherwise, wouldn’t you just do it to a Volkswagen?


If combining two of these EV crate motors to make an all-wheel drive electric car, I’d personally love to see it done to a B5 Audi A4. It’s such a small, sporty little sedan that’s always had the misfortune of using relatively unreliable engines, especially the S4’s 2.7 liter twin-turbo V6. So to see it get a full-EV powertrain would be pretty cool. Plus, they’re so cheap, especially ones with blown engines, that it wouldn’t cost much to do.


Which old Audi would you love to motor swap this EV powertrain into?


[Source: Jalopnik]
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