Which Audi would Santa Drive?


Okay, so there have been commercials from both Mercedes-Benz and BMW depicting Santa Claus driving one of their cars. In the Mercedes commercial, Santa is shown driving a red AMG GT, as if it were his sleigh, with six white assorted Mercedes vehicle in front of him, as if they were reindeer. How cute. BMW recently debuted a commercial in which Santa is ripping around in a red BMW M6, showing off his driving skills a bit.

But in all realism, would Santa be driving a rear-wheel drive sports car to deliver presents to all of the children of the world? No, he’d want something fast, comfortable and, most importantly, all-wheel drive. Audi’s Quattro system would work perfectly for good ole Saint Nick, as it would allow him to traverse some of the more nasty winter conditions with ease. It just makes perfect sense. But which Audi would he use?

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Audi RS6 Avant
Audi RS6 Avant

One could make an argument for the Audi R8, as it’s fast as hell and is in the same ballpark as the BMW M6 and Mercedes-AMG GT. And the R8 does kind of make sense, as it’s Audi’s most expensive, fastest and most exciting car, which makes it fitting for Santa. However, it’s a bit cramped (and we know Santa is a Jolly ole fat guy) and not really good and grand touring, which is exactly what Santa does.

No, instead, I think Santa Claus would rather have something like an Audi RS6 Avant. The RS6 Avant is immensely powerful, putting down almost 600 hp, and one of Audi’s most powerful cars. Not only is it crazy fast, though, it’s also incredibly comfortable and luxurious. So while he’s storming through the world’s continents, he’ll be in supreme comfort, listening to “Here comes Santa Claus” on the Bang and Olufsen surround sound system. And, of course, he’d have it in Misano Red Pearl.

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Audi RS6 Avant

And he’d definitely go for the Avant over the standard sedan, as it can store some extra presents, as well as some cookies and milk for his journey. It’s just more practical for such a long trip.

So while Mercedes and BMW would like to think that Santa would use one of their cars, it’s obvious he’d go for Audi and the brilliant RS6 Avant. That is if Audi decides to sell it in the North Pole.

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