What to non-journalists think about the Audi R8 V10 Spyder?

Because the journalists from Car Magazine are very lucky, they have an Audi R8 V10 Spyder as a long-term fleet car drive around. Not too shabby of a work car to bring home, huh? Though, journalists can become jaded, after driving so many good cars so often. But what happens when you get a few car enthusiasts that have driven nice cars before — especially R8s — but aren’t behind the wheel of something new and exotic everyday, and stick them in the new R8 Spyder?


That’s exactly what they do in this latest article from Car Magazine. Of the three

“normal” people they let drive the R8, all of them have some prior experience with at least some sort of R8. Among them Rob Keogh, is a professional racing driver for Ginetta Racing and currently owns a new Audi R8 RWS. Samuel Ellis is an owner of a first-gen R8 V10 with a manual (jealous). And Pavan Mathur has had several extremely fast and exciting cars; everything from supercars to small sports cars to fast SUVs.


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What’s interesting is that they all seem to really like the R8, in some capacity, even if it isn’t the specific Audi R8 V10 Spyder they were driving that day. While Keogh still prefers his RWS, because of its rear-drive nature, and Ellis still prefers the manual shift and interior of his first-gen R8, Mathur seems to think the new R8 is certainly worth buying. “I’d have this over a Carrera S – as it really is two cars in one.” he said.


As far as easy-to-drive supercars go, the Audi R8 is genuinely tough to be. It’s crazy fast, has an incredible engine and looks great. Its interior might not be flashy but it’s very functional and comfortable. It’s also spacious enough and practical enough, at least as supercars go. So it seems that unless you own a more special edition R8, the new V10 Spyder is an excellent supercar is only yawned at by the most jaded of journalists.


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[Source: Car Magazine]
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