What is 4RingBlog?

4RingBlog is an Audi enthusiasts blog created out of this lack of resources to meet the needs of the growing Audi fan base both within the United States and abroad. Our mission is to provide readers with the most accurate, knowledgeable and pertinent information available on Audi concepts, model lines, racing news and everything else in between for the brand known by Vorsprung Durch Technik.

As Audi has developed, especially since the debut of the highly successful Audi Quattro rally and road car in the mid-1980’s, a highly loyal fan base has begun to grow with it. With a continually evolving model line and racing pedigree, Audi fans’ thirst for knowledge about their favorite automaker has grown in leaps and bounds. Until this point, there have been few resources dedicated to the vast information available about Audi and all of its related news.

Why the name 4RingBlog?

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Well, what comes in mind when you associate “4 rings” with the “car” word? Nothing other than the brand Audi and its famous four rings logo. So, this was a no brainer, we needed a name, easy to remember and very suggestive to the topic at hand. That’s how 4RingBlog brand was born.

Our Mission:

Simply put: to create a community around the most popular vehicle in Europe and the number one sold car in Germany. We encourage everyone o share their opinions, thoughts, ideas, even criticism and most important, to give us suggestions on how to make our blog a better web place.

We’re obviously in the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us, but stick around and we will deliver you the best Audi related news.

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Thank you!