Watches & Cars: Sell Your Rolex with Bob’s Watches

We’ve long been advocates for pre-owned watches. In fact, whenever I talk to a friend or family member looking to buy a watch, I always recommend buying second-hand. That’s because, like with cars, you can typically get large discounts for certified authentic watches that only have minor signs of wear. However, what about selling your watch? Those used watches have to come from somewhere, so why not help contribute to the market of used watches while also making a couple of bucks? That’s where Bob’s Watches can help.

Bob’s Watches specializes in used Rolex timepieces and is one of the premiere Rolex Exchanges in North America. One of the reasons why Bob’s Watches is the best place to buy a used Rolex timepiece is because they’re also one of the best places to sell Rolex to.

Browsing Bob’s inventory, you’ll find some interesting watches, not just the typical steel/black Submariner (though, there’s nothing wrong with a Submariner). It’s hard not to fall in love with the Daytona, which will make you feel like Paul Newman. Personally, I like the Milgauss as well, as it’s funky and odd, despite the fact that I’d never have a practical use for its anti-magnetic nature. The point is, if you want an interesting Rolex but don’t want to shell out big bucks for a brand new one, buy used.

If you’re looking to sell a Rolex of any kind, Bob’s Watches is the place. Their team has over thirty years of combined experience in the watch/Rolex industry, so appraisals are accurate and fair. To get a quote on your Rolex, you can fill out a form and get an instant offer on your luxury timepiece. After you get your quote, if you want to sell, Bob’s will send a free, fully-insured FedEx label for you to send your watch out. After you send it out, you get paid. It’s that simple. There’s also a comprehensive pricing list, to see how much each Rolex is worth, which can help expedite the process.

Selling your Rolex is something we advocate. Unless a watch has some sort of sentimental value (which as car people, we understand), there’s no reason to hang onto a watch forever. So if you want a new watch, maybe if that newer Rolex Submariner model catches your eye, sell the one you currently have and make some of your money back, so you can put it toward the new one. And by “new one”, I mean a new-to-you used watch, of course.

There’s also nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned Rolex. There are a lot of watch snobs who won’t consider such a thing, feeling that it’s an inferior experience. But it’s not. Like buying a used car, you allow the first buyer to take the depreciation hit and then you get the better value. It’s not just being frugal, it’s being smart. The only reason for buying new is an emotional one — wanting to have the shiny new toy. Or, if you’re buying a timepiece to pass down through the generations then yes, buying new is a good idea. But if you’re just looking to put a different watch on your wrist, we don’t see the point in not buying used. If you’re looking for a second-hand, certified-authentic Rolex, Bob’s Watches is the place to go.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.