Watches & Cars: Five Best Watches you can find on StockX

Most car enthusiasts have at least a bit of interest in watches. Watches, like cars, are incredibly impressive pieces of mechanical engineering. Probably even more impressive than cars, to be honest. But let’s be real, premium watches are overly expensive for most enthusiasts. Most enthusiasts, even of the Audi variety, don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars to drop on brand-new premium watches. Which is why buying pre-owned is a great outlet for many. The only real issue with pre-owned watches is the fear that you might not be getting an authentic, high-quality piece. That’s where StockX comes in.

To be honest, buying certified, authentic pre-owned watches online isn’t really a new idea. There are several pre-owned watch companies on the interwebs that offer premium, certified watches for affordable prices. However, StockX is a bit different, as it uses a stock market-style approach to its listings, showing truly transparent supply/demand pricing. So rather than go by traditional pricing, you browse by each watch’s lowest “Ask”.

It works similar to eBay, in the sense that it basically pairs buyers and seller together. The difference, though, is that StockX actually handles each watch sold and makes sure that it’s authentic and that its quality matches what the seller claims. So it’s far less frightening to buy a watch from StockX than eBay.

So what sorts of watches does StockX have right now that might interest Audi fans? Here are five, for all different kinds of Audi enthusiasts.

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For the Audi Sport Driver



Audi Sport drives are folks who like sleek, sexy cars that also have a bit of a harder edge. They want something that’s stylish, understated but also very functional looking. Take a look at almost every single car from Audi Sport, be it an Audi RS4 Avant or an RS5 Sportback, they all look sporty and aggressive but also refined, with subtle hints to show their sporty prowess. To me, that’s also the Omega Speedmaster Professional. It’s understated and beautiful, yet tough and rugged. It’s made of the highest quality and with some of the best materials on the market, yet was also the first watch to go to the moon and was designed to handle the rigors of space. If that doesn’t define sporty, I don’t know what does. Check out the Omega Speedmaster Professional.

For the Audi A6 Driver


The Audi A6 is one of the most popular premium cars on the road. In fact, it’s one of Audi’s best sellers as well. It’s stylish but not overly sophisticated but not snobby and luxurious but not pampered. This new A6 also feature top-of-the-line technology and sharp good looks. For that sort of customer, we chose this IWC Portuguese 7 Days. The IWC Portuguese is one of the most handsome and elegant luxury watches on the planet. But it’s also simply designed and impressively well engineered, just like the new A6. Especially the ‘7 Day’, which has a seven day power reserve, giving it as much function as form. More info on the Portuguese.

For the Audi R8 Spyder Driver


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Since the Audi R8 first debuted, its styling has been compared to that of a Harrier Jet. It just has a sort of jet-fighter look to it that’s impossible to not love. With the roof down, the Audi R8 Spyder is one of the most exciting looking cars on the planet and just seems like the sort of car that you want to travel the world in. For that, we chose this Breitling Navitimer World A24322. It looks like something a pilot would wear because, well, they do. In fact, the original Breitling Navitimer was designed to act as a slide rule and do all of the calculations without any other tool, hence its slide-rule bezel. It’s also robustly built and incredibly good looking, fitting perfect with the R8’s jet-fighter style. See the Navitmer here.

For the Audi A8 Driver


The Audi A8 is a big, luxurious car. What sort of watch goes best with a big, luxurious car? A big, luxurious watch. And I can’t think of a better one than a Panerai. Specifically, this Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 531. It’s a pretty large watch, at 44mm, and it has the sort of bold, luxurious design that works well with a car that’s as big, bold and luxurious as the Audi A8. It also features a GMT complication, which brings an additional hour hand (the long skinny hand) that can display a second time zone. That can signify that the wearer of the watch is a sort of world traveler, which someone who owns an A8 very well may be. See more about the Panerai here.

For the UR Audi Quattro Driver


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When talking about classic Audis, there really is only one, right? The UR Audi Quattro. It’s the O.G., the original Quattro and the car that put Audi on the performance map. Not many people own Audi Quattros, because they’re rare and a bit expensive, but those that do know just how special it is. So someone who owns a Quattro should also own a watch that can match it in specialness but also its humility. The Audi Quattro is not some fancy-shmancy luxury car. It was born in the woods, designed to work hard. But it’s also beautiful. So we chose this Rolex Daytona 116500 with a white face and black ceramic bezel on a stainless steel bracelet. Nothing says proper motorsport like a Daytona and very few watches are as rugged and dependable as a Rolex. Plus, its design is simple and beautiful. To us, there’s no better choice than the classic Rolex Daytona. See it here.

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