Watch the Audi R8 LMS do crazy burnouts after winning Nurburgring 24 Hour

Audi Sport Team Land’s Audi R8 LMS No. 29 just won the Nurburgring 24 Hour in dramatic fashion. During the final hour of the race, Team Land’s R8 LMS took far too long at a pit stop, leading many to believe it would lose its lead. However, during its pit, rain started to come down so Team Land was able to fit rain tires to their car while everyone else was out on the track. This gave the Audi R8 LMS an advantage while everyone else was on slicks. So a bit of good fortune for Team Land.

Driver Christopher Mies was obviously quite happy about this and decided to celebrate in the best possible way. With Audi R8 LMS donuts.

You don’t always get to see donuts in Audi performance cars, thanks to the Quattro all-wheel drive grip. However, the R8 LMS is actually rear-wheel drive. So it can overwhelm its rear tires with its considerable power. The Audi R8 LMS makes 495 hp from its naturally-aspirated V10 engine, which is quite a bit less than the road-going R8. However, it’s considerably lighter and is more than capable of roasting its fresh tires. Obviously.

Mies and Team Land were obviously overjoyed with their last minuted win and there’s really no better way to celebrate than to roast the rear tires that won you the race to pieces.

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