Warranty Direct says nightmare car has Audi RS6 suspension

According to Warranty Direct, the “nightmare” car in United Kingdom is equipped among others with a suspension from the Audi RS6. The UK-based company have come up with what they named “Horrific 40RR04” which is an imaginary car that would be developed by combining parts from the worst-performing cars mentioned in each of the categories that are measured by Warranty Direct in the Reliability Index.

According to the data gathered so far, the vehicle would have the engine of a BMW M5 (2004 – 2011), the axle and suspension of an Audi RS6 (2002 – 2011), the gearbox of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (2006 – present) and the electrics of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class (2004 – present). This “nightmare” car would also have the braking system of a Fiat Multipla (1999 – 2005), the air conditioning of the Seat Alhambra (1996 – present) and the steering system from the Chrysler 300C (2005 – present).

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It should be mentioned that Warranty Direct’s Reliability Index calculates the trustworthiness of cars by measuring the average cost inquired by a repair, the frequency of failure, age and mileage. The average repair in United Kingdom stands at a little over £350 but in some cases a garage bill can reach even £35,000.

As a final note, Warranty Direct says two fifths of Audi RS6 units need axle and suspension repairs each year.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.