VW to Shift Control of Bentley over to Audi for Electrification

The Volkswagen Group isn’t afraid to shuffle around its brands around, to allow certain brands to help run others. For instance, Audi controlled Lamborghini for a time, even though it seems that’s going to end. However Audi may soon get another Volkswagen Group brand under its wing, one that could stand to learn a thing or two about electrification — Bentley.


It’s being reported that Volkswagen wants to shift control of Bentley over to Audi, which would be a wise move for electrification. Being under Audi’s watch, Bentley could more easily borrow Audi’s technology and even collaborate easier on certain future products and technologies. Electrification is the key technology here, as Audi has quite a bit and Bentley has very little.

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Bentley is in need of some electric tech, so it can start developing hybrids and EVs but that sort of tech is expensive and difficult for Bentley to develop on its own. Which is where Audi comes in. The four-ringed brand already has a few EVs and hybrids on sale, with more in the works, and is quickly becoming one of the major players in the EV marketplace. So Audi can share its tech and knowledge with Bentley to help bring new EV luxury cars to the market.


This does bring up questions about Lamborghini’s future with Audi. The Italian supercar brand has been under Audi’s control for two decades but it seems that the VW Group might want to change that. Instead of being directly underneath a VW Group brand, Lamborghini might actually become a more independent entity, similar to what Ferrari is to Fiat.

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With Bentley under Audi’s watch, it might be wise to also have Lamborghini. Plus, putting Bentley under Audi’s wing would give the four-ringed brand a luxury arm of its own. BMW has Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz has Maybach, sort of. So putting Bentley underneath Audi would actually quite cool.


Also, we could see an electric Bentley far sooner than later, as it could easily borrow tech from Audi. Considering the current automotive landscape, that might be wise of Bentley.


[Source: Roadshow]
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