VW Scandal may extend to V6 TDI engines as well

After Volkswagen’s massive world-wide scandal, involving the tampering of software in many VW and Audi four-cylinder TDI models to cheat emissions testing, the EPA started looking into V6 TDI engines as well. It turns out that the EPA has found similar cheating software in the V6 TDI engines used by Volkswagen, Audi and even Porsche. These models put out more nitrogen oxide than the federal regulations allow, however when plugged into testing equipment, the cars computers say otherwise.

Volkswagen has since released a denial statement, claiming that its V6 TDI engines do not, in fact, contain any cheating software and that it will continue to be 100 percent compliant with the EPA and any other government testing. “no software has been installed in the 3.0 liter V6 diesel power units to alter emissions characteristics in a forbidden manner.”

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Audi A4 2.0 TDI

It’s yet to be seen if what the EPA found in VW Group’s V6 TDI engines had the cheating software, or any other cheating device, installed on them. The EPA clearly found something if they released the information that it had, but Volkswagen seems to be denying it vehemently. It’s telling that Volkswagen would deny this so boldly, as it’s lost quite a bit of trust with the public since the original scandal arose. So Volkswagen might be quite confident that there has been no foul play with those engines and that this might be a mistake.

However, if these V6 TDI engine do in fact have cheating software installed, adding them to the ongoing scandal, Volkswagen, Audi and now Porsche are in some serious trouble. Vehicles equipped with those engines would also be added to the stop-sale that’s currently ongoing and will hurt the Volkswagen Group in terms of sales lost as well as fines per vehicle, which at the moment total around $7 Billion for just the four-cylinder TDI models. However, it will also hurt the group’s brand image which it has worked so hard to improve over the past couple of decades, especially for Audi.

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