VW or Audi engineers were sent to U.S. to work on cars that failed emissions test

Bloomberg is reporting Volkswagen and Audi engineers were flown in whenever there was an issue with a car that failed to pass the emissions test.

The “dieselgate” is far from being over as more and more details are starting to emerge about how the Volkswagen Group manipulated the emissions test results of around 482,000 cars in United States. Emissions testers from a site in California were in charge of analyzing the cars and whenever one of them did not meet the requirements, the results were sent to Germany where after an investigation a team of engineers from VW and Audi were sent to United States to work on the cars and make sure these would meet the requirements during the next testing procedures.

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The reason why the engineers had to be flown in is because VAG didn’t have a dedicated team in United States to fix the cars, a procedure that required up to a week to guarantee the vehicle would pass the EPA emissions test.

Those 482,000 US-spec cars from the Volkswagen Group are just the tip of the iceberg as VW has recently announced there are around 11 million cars from the core brand, but also from Audi, SEAT and Skoda with the “defeat device” meant to cheat during emissions test.

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