VW Group CEO could become Chairman on Audi Supervisory Board

It seems the Volkswagen Group will have to shuffle executives yet again. The VW Group recently canned its previous CEO, Matthias Mueller, who held that position since 2015, after taking the job following the massive diesel scandal that rocked the entire industry. However, some recently developments have caused VW to replace Mueller with Herbert Diess, a man who was previously with rival brand BMW. Though, we could see Diess also replace Mueller on Audi’s supervisory board, as well.

“The supervisory board will take a decision on the chair at its next meeting,” a spokesman for Audi recently told Automotive News Europe. There will be a meeting held among Audi board members on May 8, one day before Audi’s annual general meeting, which will determine whether or not Diess gets the spot. Although, it’s expected that he will. It’s even been reported, though not officially confirmed, that Diess does want the position. It’s also telling that Audi’s supervisory board has always been led by the CEO of the VW Group, so it’s likely that the new CEO will also get the spot.

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This comes following the news that VW Group will be grouping its brands into three categories: Volume, Premium and Super Premium. Volume will have the brands Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT in it, while Super Premium will be home to Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti. That leaves Audi by itself in the Premium category. That’s quite lonely but, then again, Audi is Volkswagen’s most profitable brand so maybe it deserves a category of its own.

It will be interesting to see if Diess does, indeed, get the position. If he does, he will bring a wealth of experience from being part of other rival brands and understanding not only the market but also Audi’s competitors. We’ll just have to wait until May 8 to find out.

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