Audi RS3 Engine With 740 Horsepower Fitted To Sleeper VW Golf R

You’ve probably heard the juicy report about how Audi blocked Volkswagen from using the 2.5 TFSI engine for the next-generation Golf R. Well, this gentleman took matters into his own hands and fitted his Mk7 all-wheel-drive hot hatch from Wolfsburg with an engine sourced from an RS3. As if the bump in output from the series 300 horsepower to 400 hp wasn’t enough, the engine transplant was complemented by a custom turbocharger.

The car now boasts a TTE700 turbo from TheTurboEngineers and additional modifications to take output to a staggering 740 hp from the inline-five unit. With so much power delivered by the 2.5 TFSI, the VW Golf R headed to the drag strip to duel not only an actual RS3 Sportback, but another performance car from a few segments above. Yes, the one and only RS6.

The outcome of the drag races from the RACE 1000 event in Germany is not relevant since the RS3 had a poor launch and the Golf R had a slow reaction at the start against the RS6. Once it got going, the Volkswagen was an absolute monster on the drag strip, completing the half-mile in 16.42 seconds at 162.4 mph (261.43 km/h) in the first drag race and in 16.59 seconds at 162.2 mph (261.18 km/h) in the other drag race.

This heavily modified car filmed by cvdzijden goes to show not only the tuning potential of Audi’s inline-five engine, but also how much power the Golf R platform can take. After all, its output has more than doubled following the engine switch, while retaining most of the original look.

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If you’re wondering how much the TTE700 sets you back, the company’s website lists a price tag of €4,600 without value added tax and shipping & packaging costs. The turbo upgrade enables the engine to deliver more than 600 hp on pump gas, so this VW Golf R must’ve had other tweaks to unlock an additional 140 hp.

It goes without saying the TTE700 turbo kit is compatible not only with the RS3, but also the TT RS and the RS Q3 since they all use just about the same powertrain.

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