Volkswagen/Audi to collaborate with Chinese technology companies

Following the massive diesel-emissions scandal that rocked the entire Volkswagen Group, the folks in Wolfsburg have been trying to give off a more technologically advanced image. The entire Group is shifting toward newer technology and increased emissions, as well as alternative fuel. To help do so Volkswagen, as well as Audi, will be collaborating more with Chinese technology companies.

Audi is leading the charge in the Volkswagen Group, in terms of technology and alternative fuel. With the largest amount of electric cars scheduled for release and the most advanced technology, Audi seems to be spearheading the Volkswagen Group’s future. Now, the brand will be working with Chinese tech giants such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent to create new technologies for future vehicles.

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Audi TT Virtual Cockpit
Audi TT Virtual Cockpit


Baidu is big on communications, so Audi will mainly be working with them on smartphone apps and increased connectivity. The four-ringed brand already has cars available with Google Maps and 4G LTE connectivity, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So, with Baidu’s help, Audi could become the connectivity leader in the automotive world.¬†Audi will also seek help in this field from Tencent, whose forte is social networking and online gaming.

Alibaba will help Audi develop more 3D maps and better real-time traffic info. It’s likely that Alibaba and Audi will work together on increasing the functionality of Audi’s new traffic light communications technology. Audi’s new cars will be capable to communicating with traffic lights to help make the driver aware of upcoming changes. Alibaba could help streamline this technology.

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It’s good to see Audi getting more into the mix with tech companies, as it will only help the brand’s already impressive technological prowess.

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