Volkswagen testifies that 11 million global cars have defeat device; to spend €6.5 billion to fix them

Volkswagen AG has announced the number of vehicles equipped with a “ defeat device ” to trick EPA emissions tests stands at approximately 11 million cars.

It involves only models equipped with the Type EA 189 turbodiesel engine which can be found not only on Volkswagen-brand models, but also on Audi, Skoda and SEAT. EPA’s investigation only referred to the US-spec A3 2.0 TDI from the 2009-2015MY, but now VAG is telling us the magnitude of the issue is a lot higher than originally believed. It’s important to mention that all the newer vehicles equipped with Euro 6-compliant 2.0 TDI engine are not included since Volkswagen says these are ok.

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To apply a “fix” on all of these cars, VAG has reserved the record sum of €6.5 billion and most likely a large part of the money will also be allocated for the numerous fines the automotive conglomerate expects to get. In United States, The Environmental Protection Agency found about 482,000 units featuring this defeat device and for each car VW risks a maximum fine of €37,500 which translates to a total fine of $18 billion, but it’s highly unlikely the penalty will be this big.

The investigations have not been finalized, so it’s too early to say exactly how many cars have the defeat device, but it’s safe to say VAG should prepare for a huge fine and possibly slower sales now that it has been proven they’ve betrayed their customers.

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