Volkswagen proposes fix for 1.6 liter TDI engines

One of the few engines involved in Volkswagen and Audi’s diesel scandal is the 1.6 liter four-cylinder TDI engine. This engine was used in a variety of different Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT models throughout the European market. Roughly 540,000 vehicles were sold in Germany with the 1.6 liter engine. Well, Volkswagen has proposed a fix for these engines to Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and if this fix is approved, Volkswagen will move forward with having these vehicles recalled and fixed. The fix included various software, as well as hardware, changes. New fuel injectors and a new catalytic converter are needed for the fix to work.

It’s said that it could take up to a year for Volkswagen to recall and repair just the vehicles in Germany alone. Outside of Germany, and throughout Europe, Volkswagen will need to fix around 3.6 million engines, which could take years. Another 5 million cars will be added to this worldwide, though most of those will only need software fixes, says Volkswagen. Volkswagen claims that its plan should be finalized for Europe by the end of the month.

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At least this is finally getting somewhere. After months of hearing countless apologies and reasons as to why Volkswagen is the devil, we’re finally hearing about a solution. It’s about time that a fix will be proposed and possibly (hopefully) put in place. I’m sure it’s quite a relief for the hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen TDI owners to finally hear of some sort of end to all of this mess. If Volkswagen can fix this soon enough, and Audi too, maybe this will all blow over sooner than later.

Nico DeMattia

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