Volkswagen Group production chief Michael Macht resigns

The Volkswagen Group made an important announcement at the beginning of this week as production chief Michael Macht has decided to quit. The 53-year-old member of the Board of Management still had more than a year of his contract left but decided to part ways with the group after numerous rumors saying Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn is not satisfied with the profit margins and vehicle production delays which have proved to be very costly.

Michael Macht was in charge of implementing the MQB platform in the group’s factories, a brand new architecture which has already underpinned several models such as the Volkswagen Golf VII, Audi A3, Audi TT, Seat Leon and the Skoda Octavia. This move to use a platform for a wide variety of models within the group has been costly to implement but in the long-run the savings could be huge.

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The main problem related to this platform has to do with a rather slow roll-out of the models which has caused production delays for some crucial models, including the Golf. It is believed these delays are the source of Michael Macht’s departure who up until 2010 was the head of Porsche.

According to Winterkorn, it will take a “tremendous effort” to fully implement the MQB platform across the group’s numerous brands. It should be mentioned that Michael Macht managed to improve Volkswagen Group’s vehicle output from 6.7 million units to no less than 10 million cars.

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