Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn still CEO

All morning, there has been much speculation as to if Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winterkorn would be fired or forced to “resign”, in light of Volkswagen’s recent diesel-gate. There was even speculation that Porsche CEO, Matthias Müller would be replacing Winterkorn. But as it currently stands, Winterkorn is still the CEO of Volkswagen.

Winterkorn recently released a two and a half minute video apologizing for everything that has happened and explaining that Volkswagen is working with all relevant authorities to sort this matter out. He also claims that Volkswagen is being 100 percent transparent in the investigation and isn’t hiding anything. Winterkorn goes on to say that Volkswagen customer have grown to trust the brand and its technologies and that is the brand’s number one priority, it’s customers. He also apologizes to the employees of Volkswagen who he says bring dedication and pride to their work each and every day.

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ARCHIV - Martin Winterkorn, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Volkswagen AG, spricht am 14.03.2013 bei der Jahrespressekonferenz von VW in Wolfsburg (Niedersachsen). Die Halbjahresbilanz von Europas größtem Autobauer Volkswagen steht am 31.07.2014 stark im Zeichen von Sparbemühungen. Foto: Jochen Lübke/dpa (zu lni "Nach Winterkorns Sparansage: VW-Konzern zeigt Halbjahresbilanz" vom 31.07.2014) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

After this apology, it is yet to be seen if Winterkorn will stay on as CEO of Volkswagen. His job security seems rocky at best, currently, but there’s been no confirmation of his firing or a successor. While rumors of Matthias Müller taking over have been spreading, nothing official has been announced. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information.

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