VIDEOS: Take a closer look at the second-gen Audi A7

That the wait is over and we’ve seen the new, second-generation Audi A7, which was just recently revealed in Germany. The new A7 is bigger, more dynamic, more luxurious and more high-tech than the car it replaces. In fact, it’s so improved that it’s hard to put all the facts in print. It’s far easier to see the new car, it’s new tech and its new design. So these series of videos will help give you a better idea of what the new Audi A7 is all about.

The new Audi A7 is one of the more exciting cars to come from Audi in a long time. The first-gen A7 was a huge hit, selling hundreds of thousands of units and gaining tons of praise, from both customers and journalists alike. It was a car that’s still beloved by enthusiasts, despite the fact that it’s quite old now. So the second-gen car should sell even more and gain even more praise, thanks to its better looks, better tech and improved driving dynamics.

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Even more importantly, the new Audi A7 is based off of the new Audi A8, moving it upmarket. The first-gen A7 was based on the A6, so it’s now more premium of a vehicle. That will, admittedly, drive the price up but it will also give A8 buyers another, more stylish option without having to downgrade on luxury or technology. So while it might out-price itself from many A6 buyers, it will gain new buyers who would previously buy the A8.

One video is just an overview of the new A7, showing it in motion and giving you a basic rundown of what it looks like and what it’s interior is like. However, the other videos touch more on the car’s design and its highlights. Check them out.

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