VIDEO: Would you take the Audi A7 over its German rivals?

Audi’s new A7 is a really good car but, unfortunately for Audi, it comes at a time when its competitors are also really good. For instance, the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo and Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class are both really good cars in the segment, in their own way. Those two are very different, though, with the 6 Series leaning more toward comfortable practicality and the E-Class being more of a sexy, sporty four-door coupe. So the Audi A7 has a real chance to split the difference between the two. So would you take the Audi A7 over its German rivals? This video from TFLC finds out.

In the video, TFLC’s host Roman Mica talks mostly about the Audi A7, even though it was on a drive of both the A6 and A7. That’s really because both the A6 and A7 are basically identical under the skin. However, the Audi A7 packs different body work that not only makes it better looking but also more practical and it helps it stand out among its competition.

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On the inside, it’s incredibly luxurious, filled with the most high-end materials available in the segment, top-notch build quality and class-leading technology. Where the Audi A7 separates itself from the A6, as well as the rest of the segment, is in the back seat and the trunk. While it lacks for a bit of headroom for rear passengers over the A6, it makes up for that with a huge trunk, aided by a liftback tailgate. So the Audi A7 is basically a gigantic, four-door hatchback, making it far more practical than the A6 or anything else in the segment.

Its aforementioned competitors from BMW and Mercedes-Benz are interesting and good cars but the A7 seems like the better car. It’s much sportier and far better looking than the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, which beats the Audi for trunk space, though not by much, and is ugly as all hell. The 6er is also really bland to drive. While the Mercedes-Benz might be a bit sportier to drive than the Audi A7, and to some better looking, it’s nowhere near as practical, as it only has a regular trunk that’s small even for sedan trunk standards.

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Though, it must be said that the A7’s sporty, sleek looks don’t translate to the driving experience much. It’s still very much a luxury car. It’s capable, for sure, and can tackle a twisty road if you ask it to. But it’s much more at home cruising at very high speed in a straight line. When doing that, it’s the best car in its segment, according to Mica and it’s the one he’d take.

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