VIDEO: Which is the best performance SUV — The Audi SQ8 or AudI SQ7?

Audi just launched its latest performance SUV, the RS Q8. And it’s a proper performance machine, thanks to its 591 hp twin-turbocharged V8. However, it’s likely a bit overkill. Not one actually needs an SUV to be that powerful. So what if you want something a bit more subdued, something that’s still fast but more of a daily driver? Well, there are two other SUVs with four rings to choose from; the Audi SQ8 and SQ7.


In this new video from AutoTrader UK, Rory Reid takes us through both cars and shows us what they’re about, what their differences are and which one is best.


Under the skin, both the Audi SQ8 and SQ7 are incredibly similar. They’re both based on the same chassis, both share the same engine and both have the same interior design, now that the SQ7 has been facelifted. Where the two cars differ is in their exterior styling.


On the outside, the Audi SQ8 is the sportier looking car of the two, with a “coupe” roofline. To be honest, we really like the look of the new Q8 model line, as it’s a cool looking car. But the Audi SQ7 is good looking too (although I personally think the facelift made it look worse) and it’s more practical, thanks to its more traditional looks. Inside, they’er also identical, without only the SQ7’s third row of seats differentiating them much.


They also drive a bit differently as well but not really different enough to make a buying difference. While the Audi SQ8 is a bit more nimble, and a slight faster steering ratio, it’s not so much sharper that it’s worth getting. So you have to consider everything else about the car. And when you consider the larger interior space, better practicality and lower price tag, the Audi SQ7 seems like the better car and wins this test.

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