VIDEO: What’s it Like to Own an Audi RS6 Avant?

As car enthusiasts, we likely all want to own an Audi RS6 Avant, even if we aren’t all Audi enthusiasts. The RS6’s blend of massive power, performance, luxury, and comfort is undeniably tempting. But is it actually as good to own and live with as we all imagine? Carwow’s Mat Watson just finished up his long-term test of the RS6 and gave his final report on what it’s like to live with.


Watson’s spec is an interesting one but also one of the best looking we’ve ever seen. It’s painted in stunning shade of green, with a brown interior, which is very classically British but works very well on the German giant. It gives the RS6 Avant a classier look, while still feeling very special.

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He also really likes the way it rides, how well it drives, and how fast it is. Though, to be honest, we figured that much already. The RS6 is one of the best all-around performance machines in the world.


However, what about some of its flaws? No car is perfect, so the Audi RS6 Avant, as good as it is, has some flaws. But are they big enough flaws to overshadow its better qualities?


Not really, to be honest. Most of its flaws are minor, such as the inability to see either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on the Virtual Cockpit. It also has some frustrating cupholders, an annoying soft rev-limiter that prevents revving the engine at idle, and it burns too much fuel.


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At the end of the video, Mat Watson decides to try and beat the car’s previous best quarter-mile time of 11.3 seconds. So he does two runs to find out. What’s interesting is that he was actually able to break the car’s claimed 0-60 mph times, recording an incredibly quick 3.01 seconds, which is right up there with the fastest performance sedans in the world.


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