VIDEO: We get a glimpse of the Audi Q2 ahead of Geneva

Audi has been teasing the hell out of us, with short video clips and pictures of the Audi Q2, ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, where the Q2 will make its world debut. We’ve seen short GIFS, video clips of it in the wilderness and some clever light show videos of it. All of this has obviously piqued our interest for Ingolstadt’s newest baby-SUV just in time for its debut later this week.

Well, to torture us even more, Audi has released yet another video of the upcoming Q2 and it’s the best look at it we’ve gotten yet. In this latest video, we see an Audi Q2 driving down a windy road from afar, getting closer to us, but as soon as we’re about to get a good look at it, it passes behind some hills. However, if we slow it down, we can make out most of its body style from afar and it seems to look like a shrunken Audi Q3, which is something we expected. The roofline and rear hatch seem more aggressive and almost hatchback-like, so it does look more promising than the rather milquetoast Q3.

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Audi Q2 Teaser
Audi Q2 Teaser


The Audi Q2 will be debuting later this week at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and will come packing a suite of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Those engines will likely be mated to Audi’s seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox or a six-speed manual (the latter likely for Europe only) and will power either the front or all wheels, via Audi’s new Quattro Ultra all-wheel drive system. We’ll have more on the Audi Q2 for you at Geneva.

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