VIDEO: Watch This Onboard Audi Quattro Rally Video

The original Audi Quattro is the stuff of legends, having been one of the first all-wheel drive rally cars in history and the car that made the technology famous in road cars. It also cemented Audi’s status as a maker of performance cars back in the ’80s. However, despite all of its road-going success and the legacy it left behind, the original Quattro is still most at home on dirt and sand, as evidenced by this new video.


This onboard video comes from the FIA YouTube channel, showing off the FIA European Historic Rally Championship. In the video, we get an onboard look at the Audi Quattro tackling the Special Stage 11 of the historic Vltava Rallye. The two Italians in the car are “Zippo” and Denis Piceno.

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It’s absolutely awesome to see such an incredible car driven so well though tight dirt roads, especially from an onboard camera. Watching the twitchy handwork behind the wheel is always awe-inspiring to me, as you can watch the driver make countless micro inputs, seemingly every tenth of a second. It’s remarkable. It’s also incredibly impressive to hear the co-driver calling out the turns ahead of time, which always seems like such a tough, stressful job.


The Audi Quattro in this video makes a great noise and it’s incredible to see how capable it is even today.


When the Audi Quattro rally car first hit the scene in the early ’80s, it took the rally world by storm. So much so, in fact, that the rules were changed shortly afterward, to allow for all-wheel drive cars to attend rally championships. After a few years, the Quattro grew a bit tired on the world rally stage and lost its dominance. However, its impact on not only the sport but the automotive industry as a whole would go on to last forever. Damn near every modern performance car is all-wheel drive and the original Audi Quattro is a bit part of the reason why.


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