VIDEO: Watch this Audi A4 get a satisfying clean

This video isn’t exactly about an Audi, rather it’s more about car cleaning. However, it does feature an Audi A4 and we get to see it get a very satisfying wash in this new video from the Car Cleaning Guru.

In this video, the Guru’s neighbor has a B9-generation Audi A4 as a company car but even though it’s just a company car, it’s far too grimy looking for the Guru’s taste. So he does his neighbor a favor and gives the dirty A4 a proper clean.

I’m not sure about you but there’s something so satisfying to me about watching these sorts of videos. Watching the process of applying all of the products, letting them soak and seeing the grime simply melt away, then seeing everything get power-washed away and seeing the final clean product is almost therapeutic.

It doesn’t hurt that the car in this video is white, which looked really dirty and gross prior to the wash. Afterward, though, it was glistening and looked fantastic. Even just a simple diesel-powered Audi A4 in a pretty basic spec looked like something truly special after its thorough cleaning.

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The products used are also really impressive and shows how far car-care products have come. Gone are the days when I was a young enthusiast of just getting a bucket of water, some soap and the garden hose. Now, there are so many awesome cleaning products that really melt away grime and make the car truly clean.

My only issue with cleaning cars this nicely is that I feel like they shouldn’t be driven afterwards. They look so sparkly clean, I don’t want to think about how dirty they’ll get after one drive in the rain and then all of that hard work is gone. Still, it’s mighty impressive and this video is very satisfying on this Thursday morning.

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