VIDEO: Watch the Audi RS6 Avant hit top speed on the Autobahn

We all know the Audi RS6 Avant is fast. Thanks to its 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8, it makes 591 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. So it’s monstrously powerful and fully capable of very high speeds. In this new POV video, we get to see what it’s like to take an RS6 Avant out on the Autobahn and unleash all of that power.


For most Americans, seeing someone drive this quickly on a public road is a bit unnerving. We don’t have roads like the Autobahn in the ‘States, where speeds are unregulated for large portions of it. So seeing speeds of around 175 mph on public roads seems very foreign to us. However, it’s still cool to see, especially considering that we’re finally getting the Audi RS6 Avant in America. Unfortunately, this is the only way we’ll be able to see what it’s like to hit top speed in one on the road. Legally.


What’s also astonishing is its passing power. In several parts of the video, we see the RS6 overtake slower cars with absolute ease. Just a flex of the right foot and the Audi RS6 Avant is just in a different place down the road. It’s so explosively fast, even at already high speeds, that it’s almost shocking. How it manages to pull hard even at over 100 mph, in a four-door wagon, is remarkable.


It might seem a bit bumpy in this video, with a lot of vertical motion, but that’s just the helmet camera of the driver. So don’t think that the Audi RS6 Avant is somehow floaty or choppy at speed because it wouldn’t be able to hit that sort of speed on the road if it was either.


We can’t wait to get our hands on an Audi RS6 Avant and see what it’s like to actually put a foot down, ourselves. We obviously won’t be going this fast in public but it will still be fun.


Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.