VIDEO: Watch Supercar Blondie poke around the Audi AI:TRAIL

The Audi AI:TRAIL is easily one of the coolest concept cars of any kind we’ve seen in a very long time. While most car companies are trying to create urban city car concepts or futuristic hypercars that will never actually exist, Audi did something very different with the AI:TRAIL. Instead of either of those, the AI:TRAIL is a rugged, electric off-roader, designed to allow its drivers to explore the very nature we’re trying to save with electric vehicles. That’s great.


In this new video from Supercar Blondie, aka Alex Hirschi, we get to see the Audi AI:TRAIL up close and personal. We’ve seen it up close before but this video is the closest and most in-depth we’ve seen yet.


Hirschi takes us through the entire car, getting us up close to certain features like the five roof-mounted drones, the hammock-like rear seats and even its smartphone integration. That last bit might sound silly, as entry-level KIAs have smartphone integration. However, in the AI:TRAIL, your smartphone docks on the steering column and becomes the entire instrument panel. It connects to the car and shows its speed, navigation information and any other info that you’d need.


She also mentions that Audi wants to make more specifically focused cars like the AI:TRAIL in the future. Rather than make do-it-all, jack-of-all-trades-type cars, Audi wants to build specific, master-of-one-type cars and use them in a subscription-like fleet. So customers will sort of subscribe to the brand, which will give them access to a fleet of different cars and they then choose what they want to fit certain needs. For instance, you drive your city car or SUV for most of the week but swap it for something like the Audi AI:TRAIL for some weekend camping.


To be honest, that’s not an entirely new idea, as several car companies already have subscriptions similar to that currently in use. However, having very specifically targeted cars is a unique and interesting idea in an age where cars are more versatile than ever before and it’s kind of refreshing.


But all of that aside, the Audi AI:TRAIL is just one of the coolest concepts we’ve ever seen and this video gets us closer to it than ever before. Check it out.

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