VIDEO: Watch Michele Mouton in a Audi Group B Quattro S2 at Goodwood

Michele Mouton is one of the best drivers to ever pilot an Audi, having won in WRC with the original Quattro back in the ’80s. She also broke the record at Pikes Peak, marking not only the first time a European car did so but also the first time a woman broke the record. In this new video from Goodwood Road & Racing, we get to see Mouton storing up the historic hill at Goodwood in an Audi Group B Quattro S2.


While it’s always good to see a legendary racer driving a legendary car on a legendary track, this is a bit like watching Jerry Rice going for a jog. Not only is this not an actual race but the tarmac is dry, smooth and wide, which can’t stress the car’s or Mouton’s abilities in the slightest. Still, it’s awesome to see such a legend in such an incredible car.


It’s also awesome to listen to the thing. The Audi Quattro S2 is an awesome car, powered by a 2.1 liter turbocharged five-cylinder that makes around 600 horsepower. Said turbocharger is absolutely massive and you can hear the wonderful turbo flutter, even though that’s not actually great for the turbo. It still sounds cool.

Michèle Mouton


Plus, as much as it looks easy, it isn’t. Mouton is just that good. If any of us mere mortals were to do this, it wouldn’t look that smooth or that easy. Instead, we’d simply be trying to hang on to a 600 horsepower race car that lacks any sort of traction control and uses a five-speed manual gearbox from the ’80s.


Driving that sort of car at the sorts of speed we see in this video, on a historic circuit like Goodwood, isn’t easy for most people but Mouton makes it look so easy you’d think she was yawning inside.



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