VIDEO: Watch How to Repair First-Gen Audi R8 Leather Seats

Secondhand Audi R8s are becoming popular at the moment and for good reason — they’re stunning sueprcars that can be had at affordable prices, and will also continue to appreciate. However, after many years of wear and tear, certain parts of cars can begin to show signs of wear and few owners want to see worn parts in their expensive supercars. Plus, things like worn leather seats will lower the car’s value. So in this video from AMMO NYC, we get to see the process of repairing the leather seats in a first-gen R8.


The Audi R8 in question is used almost daily and has been for years. So its driver’s side black leather seat was showing signs of wear on the side bolsters, which is totally normal. However, the car’s owner — the owner of AMMO NYC — decided to have the seat repaired, rather than replacing the leather or the entire seat.

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I honestly didn’t know seats could be repaired to basically brand-new condition. It’s quite shocking to see just how well leather responds to treatment. Fibernew is the company that has the specialized, proprietary equipment to do such an extensive seat repair and they’re who helped with the seat repair. The process is extensive but it works wonders.


It starts off with cleaning the seat, of course, and then cleaning it again. Then you have to sand the leather, which is an odd thing to hear, with 350-grit sandpaper. After than Fibernew uses a tool to identify the exact color of the seat, so that new dye can be made up for it on the spot. Once the dye is made, the entire seat is sprayed, as if it were a car getting painted, with the new dye. Afterward, a special proprietary process is used to add texture to the spots that were heavily sanded. Finally the entire seat is dried and reinstalled.

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Now that it’s done, it’s almost impossible to tell that it isn’t a brand new seat. Fibernew does some shockingly impressive work and, considering how expensive new seats are, if you have an Audi R8 with worn seats, it’s probably worth looking into getting them repaired.


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