VIDEO: Watch Chris Harris get an Audi RS6 Avant Very Sideways

The Audi RS6 Avant is known for being a very fast, very comfortable, practical family wagon. It’s a car that can pack in all the kids, the dog and some luggage and then go do 190 mph on the Autobahn. We all know it’s quick, we all know it can be quick when loaded to the gills with the trappings of everyday life. However, the RS6 Avant isn’t exactly known, at least historically, for being a hooligan.


In this new video from Top Gear, which is admittedly just a teaser for the new film in the latest Top Gear episode, we get to see Chris Harris prove that Audi’s fastest wagon is actually more of a hooligan than it lets on.

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Historically, Audi RS6 Avants have been the sensible super family cars. The BMW M5s and Mercedes-AMGs have always been the lunatic four or five-door machines, while the RS6 was always the one that went fast in a straight line only. Now, though, it seems as if things have changed, as Harris throws the RS6 around like a ragdoll and it actually respondes.


Due to its Quattro all-wheel drive, front-drive chassis and relatively chunky curb-weight, you’d likely never think that the Audi RS6 Avant could be a playful, chuckable machine. However, Harris proves that wrong by sliding it around Top Gear’s iconic air field. You can actually watch him, from a cockpit view, get some serious opposite lock on it and slide it around a corner. In an all-wheel drive family wagon…

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He also seems quite impressed with RS6 Avant, calling it the ultimate family wagon and saying that it’s actually surprisingly good to drive. If it can hit 190 mph and slide around an airfield while also shuttling the kids to school, it’s hard to argue with either of those points.


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