VIDEO: Watch Carfection’s Awesome Audi RS6 Avant film

We can’t get enough of the Audi RS6 Avant. How could we possibly be tired of it, it’s the first ever RS6 Avant to come to the United States? If I could, I’d liquefy it and inject it into my veins. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that exactly, as this new video review from Carfection is best bit of media we’ve see on the new RS6 yet and more than scratches my itch. In fact, it might be the best car review I’ve personally ever seen.


For a bit of context, the European-media Audi RS6 Avant press launch was in Los Angeles, to sort of celebrate its entry in the US market. While most other journalists took the RS6 to the usual locations and talked about its specs and its power, Carfection’s team did something different. Instead, Carfection, and host Henry Catchpole, took the Avant from LA to Las Vegas and back in under 32 hours.


This video review, actually it deserves to be called a car film, takes us on a roadtrip with Catchpole through some of the most beautiful, and some of the weirdest, scenery the United States has to offer. Sure, we learn a lot about the RS6 in the film, such as the fact that it has a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 591 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque or that its gas pedal will actually vibrate a bit to tell you to lift for efficiency purposes. But the important parts of the film are the ones that show off its incredible breadth of ability.


So few cars can be used as a a grocery-getter one day, proper road trip vehicle another and then a canyon-carver the next. The Audi RS6 Avant is one such car and that fact is so beautifully made in this film.


It’s the day after Thanksgiving, here in America, and most of us are pretty tired, full, and hungover. Being that Thanksgiving is an American holiday, what better way to celebrate the RS6’s entry into America than watching this wonderfully made, beautifully shot and edited video about it?


I tip my hat to the Carfection team because this film is fantastic.

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