VIDEO: Watch as Audi tests the A5 Cabriolet in extreme conditions

There’s always some concern with soft-top convertibles and how the top is going to hold up over the years. Will the soft-top roof develop leaks after years of heavy rain storms or will it start to crack from many winters of below freezing temperatures? These are concerns that many convertible buyers have. Well, if that’s you, fret not with any drop-top Audi as the brand from Ingolstadt has you covered, as evidenced by this video of Audi testing the A5 Cabriolet.

Audi has always been known, as are most German car companies, for its incredibly thorough and rigorous vehicle testing. It’s part of the reason why most Audis have bank-vault solidity and feel as if they’re built incredibly well. Because they are. Audi takes quality control testing very seriously. In this video, you get to see a facility Audi has dedicated just to testing the soft-top convertible roof.

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First up is waterproof testing. Audi wants to makes sure that no leaks will occur during even the most aggressive rain fall and even at strange angles. So, to simulate the weird angles, for potentially steep driveways, they put the A5 Cabrio on a hydraulic surface that can shift the car’s angle to any degree. They then spray it with a predetermined amount of water. Once done spraying, they use a flashlight to check all of the seals and every part of the soft-top.

After the water leak testing, they freeze it. The Audi A5 Cabriolet goes into basically one giant freezer and temps get down to -10 celsius (14 fahrenheit). They then open and close the roof to make sure that its top can do so without any cracks forming. Though, it’s highly unlikely anyone will open their convertible roof in temperatures that low.

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Last up is the rattle test, where they basically shake the A5 Cabriolet to death to make sure the mechanisms stay functional and nothing gets caught. They open and close the top while shaking it to make sure nothing shifts while moving.

Overall, it’s a pretty rough stretch of testing for the A5 Cabriolet but there’s good reason for it. So if you’re an Audi A5 Cabrio buyer, rest easy knowing that your convertible top is built about as well as it can be.

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