VIDEO: Watch artist Camilo Pardo create fan-inspired Audi Quattro art

Quite possibly the best car to ever come from the four-ringed brand is the Audi Quattro. The Quattro is the car that launched Audi’s FIA World Rally Championship success and then the “Quattro” nameplate and all-wheel drive system. So it’s the car that essentially launched the brand’s success in both motorsport and on the road. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most highly photographed and social media-posted Audi in the world.

To thank some of the fans that send Audi thousands of social media posts ever year, the Ingolstadt-based brand decided to select five of them and recreate them on canvas. However, the man painting these social media posts is the painter Camilo Pardo.

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One of the posts that Pardo puts on canvas is an Instagram post from Pebble Beach of the original Audi Quattro, equipped with Hella lights at the front, like the proper rally car. Pardo even paints it just like an Instagram post, with the surrounding text and everything. It’s pretty cool for “nutschell”, the Audi fan who originally posted the picture.

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