VIDEO: Watch an Audi R8 drift in snow


Audi made its mark in the ’80s with the famous, fire-spitting Quattro that dominated the rally stage on dirt, mud and snow. So Audi’s drifting through rough terrain isn’t a rare sight for the four-ringed brand. However, the Audi’s you typically see getting messy are hot hatchbacks and sedans. Not six-figure supercars like an Audi R8. Well this is exactly what you’ll see in this video.


Usually, the owner of a very expensive supercar would be too afraid to drive said supercar in such snowy and dangerous conditions, but this Audi R8 has incredible courage. This Audi R8 is a first-generation R8 V10, so it develops 525 hp and powers all four wheels. This sounds like a decent recipe for all-wheel drive drifts, but it’s actually not the safest car to do so in. The Audi R8’s Quattro all-wheel drive system is based more for performance than snowy traction, so it sends most of its power to the rear wheels most of the time. This causes some very tricky slides in the snow. But it sure does look like fun.

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This driver slides this R8 V10 around some tight, twisty, snowy bends that would seem dangerous in a diesel Range Rover, never mind a 525 hp supercar. The car slips and slides, often looking as if the back end is going to dip off of the road and slide down into a ditch. This is one of the scariest, yet most fun seeming, drifting videos we’ve seen in a while. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Nico DeMattia

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