VIDEO: Watch a Modified Audi S3 tackle Pikes Peak in blinding fog

Pikes Peak is like a home away from home for Audi. It’s where the famous Audi Quattro made the brand famous in America with the fearless Michèle Mouton at the helm. Decades after that, Audi doesn’t do too much official Pikes Peak work anymore. That hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from running their own Audis up the famed mountain pass, though. In this new video, we get a cockpit view of a Pikes Peak run done in a modified Audi S3 with fog so dense we don’t know how the driver survived.

The Audi S3 in this video boasts 500 hp and all of it is sent to the front-wheels. Why is it front-wheel drive instead of all-wheel drive, like S3s are supposed to be? Because this car is designed to take the Pikes Peak record for front-wheel drive cars. So it’s been modified to just power its front wheels and make a lot more power than normal.

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Admittedly, the run we see in this video is just a test run for Bluewater, the company that’s built the Pikes Peak-tackling Audi S3. Typically, in conditions such as those in this video drivers will pull out. But it’s extremely difficult to get the chance to run Pikes Peak without the public on the road. So they couldn’t afford to wait for another chance.

So despite the 32-degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures, wet tarmac and incredibly dense fog, driver Robb Holland pressed on the 500 hp Audi S3. I’m not sure how, because just watching the video makes me nervous. At some points, the fog seems so dense that visibility is limited to about 10 feet. At very high speed, through blind hairpins with death-guaranteeing drop-offs, driving through that sort of fog seems like a bad idea.

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Still, it’s an awesome video to watch for the impressive driving skill and the kick-ass noise the 500 hp S3 makes.

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