VIDEO: Watch a 760 HP Audi 100 Quattro Smoke Two Nissan GT-Rs

The old-school Audi 100 Quattro is a great car, thanks to its punchy turbo five-cylinder engine and rugged Quattro all-wheel drive system. However, it’s not often considered when tuners plan on building older Audis. It probably should be, though, as it can apparently be made to be incredibly quick.


In this new video from Automotive Mike, we get to see a highly tuned Audi 100 Quattro with a claimed 760 horsepower and it ends up smoking two Nissan GT-Rs in half-mile drag races.


According to the poster, this specific Audi 100 Quattro has had its engine stroked from 2.1 liters to 2.5 liters, been given bigger injects, new camshafts, a new cylinder head and a bigger turbo putting out 2.3 bar. So it’s been comprehensively built and isn’t just a big turbo kit. All of that power is also sent to the tarmac, thanks to an unflappable Quattro all-wheel drive system and sticky tires. So it flies off the line.


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Admittedly, it lost its first race of this video to a modded Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-Door. In fairness, it looked as if the Audi 100 driver bogged a first-to-second upshift, which could have been the problem. Following that, though, it took on two different modded Nissan GT-Rs and it smoked them both.


The way this Audi 100 launches is insane, as it struggles for traction at first but absolutely explodes forward once its tires grip. It has so much power that it struggles to contain it all at least through the first three gears.


This video proves that the Audi 100 can be built into a seriously impressive performance machine. Of course, this one was probably quite expensive to build, as it has a ton of engine work done to it. But if you have the funds and want to build an absolute sleeper of a car, you can do worse than the Audi 100 Quattro.

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