VIDEO: Upcoming Audi Q2 teased again

The Audi Q2 has been a busy little be, lately, by showing little hints of itself, leading up to its upcoming unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March. First, Audi released a short GIF, showing four parking spots for each of its Q-badged SUVs, with one spot empty for the Q2. It then, more recently, showed us the Q2 under cloth to give us a very vague and basic idea of what it might actually look like. We could barely make out any details through the fabric, but we could somewhat make out the overall shape. But Audi has teased us yet again, but this time with video.

Audi Q2 Teaser

In this latest teaser video, an Audi Q2 is tearing down a dirt road in the middle of what appears to be a very heavily wooded area. Though, the view is from overhead and very high up, so there’s very little detail, if any at all, that we can make out. Though, we can see that it’s quite small and that it’s very yellow. The option of a bright yellow paint color gives us the impression that Audi is aiming for the new Q2 to be a very sporty car. Otherwise, yellow wouldn’t really be an option. Yellows don’t really appear on Q5s or Q7s do they?

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Another thing we can see is that this Q2 is moving down a very rough dirt road and it’s doing so at a pretty rapid pace. This shows us that it’s relatively capable off road. It’s doubtful that Audi is returning the Q2 to the brand’s Quattro rally roots, but it seems as if the car can properly slide about in the dirt, like a good Audi should. With the car’s size, seemingly sporty behavior and dirt-road capability, it’s possible that this could be the more sensible customer’s Audi RS3 alternative. We can’t get an RS3, or even a standard A3, hatchback in America, so it’s possible that the Q2 is the next best thing for us Yanks. Let’s hope.

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