VIDEO: Unknown Audi RS3 test mule caught lapping the Nurburgring

By now, we’ve seen every variant of the Audi RS3 that we know to exist. Yet, there’s an Audi RS3 test mule lapping the Nurburgring and we don’t quite know what its deal is.

Seen here in this new spy video from Automotive Mike, we can see a red Audi RS3, wearing no camouflage of any kind, doing some hot laps of the ‘Ring. And it’s movin’. Whoever is testing this car is testing its performance hard. Yet, it doesn’t look too different from a standard RS3. So what could they be testing?

Let’s take a look at the outside for some clues. First, it has some weird protrusions sticking out from the center of its wheels, almost like wheel scythes on a Roman chariot, just, ya know, without the actual blades… Still, there are strange things sticking out of the center caps of the wheels. Is Audi testing new center lock wheels for the RS3?

Then, there are a lot of “Audi Sport” decals on the exterior of the car. Those lead us to believe that this is some sort of Audi Sport Performance Parts test mule and that the Audi RS3 will be getting its own catalog of interesting parts, similar to what the Audi R8 and TT RS get. It also seems a bit louder than a standard RS3, so it could have an upgraded exhaust.

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It’s possible that this is also some sort of Audi RS3 Performance variant, with more power and better, well, performance. It would be similar to the Audi RS6 Performance, which packs over 600 hp, rather than the standard car’s 560 hp. So it’s possible that, to send the current-gen RS3 out with a bang, being that there’s a new one coming in the next couple of years, Audi is giving it a new, higher-performance version.

Honestly, we’re not quite sure what this car is, why it’s at the Nurburgring or what it’s testing out. But it’s very interesting.

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