VIDEO: Tuned Audi S3 gets tested on The Smoking Tire

The Audi S3 sedan is one of the cooler little Audis enthusiasts can get. It’s good looking and premium looking enough to not be looked down on in the professional world but also sporty and exciting looking enough to be fun for a younger crowd. It’s also a good used deal at the moment, with decent examples being available for between $25,000 — $35,000. That’s not bad for a car with its performance and tech. It also has a ton of tuning potential, as evidenced by this new video from The Smoking Tire.

This 2016 Audi S3 owner went crazy with upgraded his car, going so far as to change out transmission mounts and every subframe bushing possible. He also gave it lower springs, though not coilovers as he didn’t want to replace his Magna-Ride suspension and a bigger turbo. In fact, it has about a million mods on it, far too many to keep track of. But it doesn’t look it. He’s done a good job of keeping it clean and understated. So it looks just right.

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On the road, though, it’s very, very fast. It has a ton of power and it’s much more capable than the standard Audi S3. What’s interesting is that the most significant upgrade made to the car was its chassis stiffening measures. Because he fit stiffer bushings all the way around the car, from the subframe bushings, to engine and transmission mounts, to end links, this Audi S3 provides an incredible amount of feedback through the chassis. Sure, it’s fast and that’s awesome but TST’s Zack Klapman seems to have really enjoyed its suspension and chassis upgrades.

This just shows that the Audi S3 can be an awesome used car for an enthusiast that wants to tinker with it. It has a ton of tuning potential and the ability to be both a premium executive car and a thrilling track car.

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